Here's what people say about my work.

Most of these recommendations have been copied from http://nz.linkedin.com/in/bretanark

Ian Bosley
Enterprise Architect at HiFX New Zealand
was Brent's client
“Brent came to us to help HiFX improve our release automation and processes, and help us found a DevOps mindset across our development/release pipeline.
Brent left us in much better shape than he found us. He brought a wealth of experience from previous engagements, and wasn't afraid to pick and learn new technologies to ensure he delivered systems and processes that were compatible with our team and skill set.”
July 25, 2016
Xuan (Mark) Gu
Software Architect at SunGard Ambit Asset Finance
worked directly with Brent
“Brent Clark has been one of the most valuable members in our team, and has made significant contribution to the infrastructure and development process of our web migration project. Brent's in-depth knowledge in .NET, code generation and language parsing has greatly speed up the migration process, saving manual effort for developers, time and money for the business.
I can comfortably rely on Brent's ability to deliver in time and quality for any size task, and would strongly recommend him to any organization who needs extra helping hands”
May 1, 2015
Akshay Hari
Director, Technology at SunGard Ambit Asset Finance
managed Brent
“We recently hired Brent to help us do a proof of concept of converting some of our code to web. Brent is really good at these sort of conversion jobs.”
July 1, 2013
Andrew Maynard
QA Manager at Northern Arch
was Brent's client
“Brent is a very highly skilled and creative systems infrastructure developer. He did an outstanding job of building our Test Farm software which distributes and runs our automated user interface test suite across all available test machines 24x7.”
October 22, 2013
Xing Su
Senior Software Engineer, Christchurch City Council
worked directly with Brent
“Brent is one of the best software professionals I've worked with, first at SunGard in 2008/09 and Christchurch City Council at present. Brent ran some excellent training sessions in both organizations. He also produced some excellent frameworks, tools, samples, and wiki materials. All of these largely helped other developers and testers.
I would recommend Brent's consultancy whenever my organization needs advice in .Net, WiX and test automation.”
March 30, 2013
Frithjof Moritzen
Senior Software Engineer, Christchurch City Council
worked directly with Brent
“Brent is a pleasure to work with. His solutions have the big picture in mind and are efficient and working really well. And he documents what was done. Very helpful and a good team player. His knowledge and expertise in the whole SDLC and build process helps us improving in getting things deployed faster.”
March 30, 2013
Sachin Sebastian
Quality Assurance Engineer, SunGard
worked directly with Brent
“Brent architected the conversion of our Rational Robot test suite to C# and single handedly developed a UI interaction framework to get the C# suite working. Brent's knowledge in Windows API and ability to solve complex problems had been a major driver for the Robot conversion project.
Brent had been the technical mentor for QA, and I found Brent really helpful and approachable. Brent's technical experience is hard to match and his ability to guide the team in the right technical direction will be an asset to any organization.”
December 5, 2012
Hamish Frizzell
Quality Assurance Engineer, SunGard AvantGard
worked directly with Brent
“I worked with Brent for several years and really enjoyed working with him. He was the sort of person other developers would come to for advice when they had problems they could not solve. He was always trying to think of new solutions to problems or applications/tools he could develop to make development processes more efficient or other developers lives easier.
Brent is not just one of the smartest developers I have worked with, he also is a great team member and was always willing to spend whatever time it took with me to explain concepts and questions I had to make sure I understood. He answered many questions from me when I was stumped by various things I was working on”
January 14, 2012
Nigel McClelland
Software Architect, SunGard Treasury Systems
managed Brent indirectly
“Brent has an extremely solid understanding of the core of the .NET framework and is able to maximise the platform to its fullest. He is a great advocate of choosing the right technology/tools for the job, and was always a good choice to seek assistance from, to find solutions to complex problems.
Brent has always been able to deliver high outputs with a quality that exceeds expectations. I always found Brent to be passionate about his work, and know he would be a great contributor to any organisation.”
August 23, 2011
Akshay Hari
Technology Director, Northern Arch
managed Brent indirectly
“I have worked with Brent at both SunGard and NorthernArch. Brent is technically very capable. More recently Brent has helped us build some tools for install tools, automated testing, internationalization, logging and tracing framework.
Happy to recommend Brent.”
May 26, 2011
Peter McLaren
Systems Analyst, SunGard
worked directly with Brent
“I've worked alongside Brent Clark for several years and have always been impressed with his abilities and the speed at which he solves software problems. Brent is a confident communicator and an opinion leader. His opinions are backed by his trial and fact finding sessions and so he's good at helping a company decide which way to go when choices present themselves.
Brent solves the hard problems, and he is an enabler of solutions sometimes thought too large to tackle, for example converting or transforming millions of lines of code in a product into something better.
Brent learns new technologies quickly and can quickly prototype a visualisation of a problem to be solved. I have no hesitation in recommending Brent to a software development organisation of any size. They will certainly receive good value for money.”
May 15, 2011
Martin Cowie
Product Design Manager, Northern Arch Solutions Limited
managed Brent indirectly
“Brent is employed on contract at Northern Arch. He has architected and developed a number of solutions that have provided significant operational and quality-related improvements to support the development and deployment of our product, 42. I recommend Brent's work without reservation.”
May 11, 2011
Lee Porteous
Operations Manager, Northern Arch Solutions Ltd
managed Brent indirectly
“I have worked with Brent at both SunGard and Northern Arch and have found him to be a keen and reliable colleague who has a knack of building sucessful business critical tools and processes to solve very complex problems.”
May 11, 2011
Chris Hitch
Manager, Customer Services - Development, SunGard AvantGard
worked with Brent
“I have had dealings with Brent over a number of years. He is highly talented technically and always prepared to help.”
May 10, 2011
Simon Meehan
Development Manager, SunGard Asset Finance
hired Brent as a IT Consultant in 2010, and hired Brent more than once
“Brent is a highly skilled engineer with a great deal of creativity.
During his contracts with us (his contract was renewed several times) Brent worked on a variety of tools and utilities as well as several application features. His results were always quickly produced and well thought out.
Assignments completed:
Brent developed a "test farm" for coordinating the running of hundreds of test scripts across multiple computers overnight. The result has been outstanding and Brent thought of several ways to improve on the original planned tool.
Brent also developed new installers and trace and debug tools for our products.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
May 9, 2011
Mark McGoldrick
Development Manager, SunGard AvantGard
managed Brent indirectly
“First and foremost Brent is a really friendly pleasant person to work with. He is a highly skilled technician with a very broad, perceptive vision and has a unique ability to see solutions that others may not. One key strength is his tool creation which adds huge value to any significant initiatives. Another strength I appreciated was his ability to communicate his vision and leverage his business awareness to identify the benefits of the technical initiatives he proposed.”
May 9, 2011
Rob Laidlaw
QA Coordinator at SunGard AvantGard
worked directly with Brent
“Brent and I worked in the same team when I first started at SunGard. He is very approachable and keen to share his vast and detailed knowledge of software. He has a high attention to detail and is very diligent to ensure his high quality coding skills make quality assurance an easier task. As I move to other roles in SunGard I could always rely on Brent's expertise on software release teams when controlling source code integrations. I have no hesitation in recommending Brent to other roles.”
August 4, 2010
Jackie Keys
Delivery Manager, SunGard
managed Brent indirectly
“Brent is an extremely talented software engineer. I project managed the internationalisation of Quantum, Risk and eTreasury and Brent was part of this hand-picked project team. Brent designed and prototyped a framework to allow all three programs (each program written in different technologies) to be internationalised with minimal change to the core of the programs. It was an elegant, maintainable solution typical of Brent's ability.”
August 3, 2010
James Dobson
Project Manager, SunGard Data Systems
managed Brent indirectly
“I relied heavily on Brent in his capacity as source code 'gatekeeper' at SunGard. He was critical in getting numerous software releases out the door and delivered without fail. Due to his exceptional abilities he was constantly asked to assist in high profile and business critical projects. He managed to juggle all of these projects in a calm and considered manner when chaos could have ensued for someone of lesser abilities! Intelligent, reasoned, trustworthy and innovative are the words that spring to mind when I think of my work with Brent and I would have no hesitation recommending him.”
August 3, 2010