Brent Clark - Software Engineer

I’m an extraordinarily clever person with an empathetic, yet authoritative touch. Over 20 years of programming experience in the Microsoft space brings the ability to lead a software production team from the front lines to get things done with the best bang for buck. A broad understanding of the world complements my ability to write solutions to gather and integrate disparate data systems to present results comprehensively. This extends my ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate proofs for or against potential solutions. I’ve proven to be indispensable in refining Software and Test Architect’s visions and bringing the team on board to make it happen. My unusually big-picture perspective leads to extremely cost-effective solutions for high-risk problems and my wide-reaching Curriculum Vitae demonstrates an ability to digest and envelop obscure technologies and APIs with ease.

Specialties: Data crunching, C#, VB, .NET, DevOps, Systems integration, WIX installers, Microsoft technologies, Test Infrastructure, automated coding, mentoring

Custom Solutions

Save time by eliminating monkey work

A primary goal in software is to reduce monkey work which is wasting your employee's time. One such project I worked on eliminated 3.5 hours of mundane labour for one person every day:

Mary works in a credit card department of a large German bank. Each morning, she would open an automatically generated text file containing credit card transaction requests that had been entered by customers. These requests contained a credit card number, an amount and a date. She would then look up transactions in their department database and match each request with its associated transaction.
Because these details had been entered by customers, sometimes the details would not match up so would require special action. Most of the requests matched transactions in the bank's database.

I created an application that Mary runs each morning. It loads the automatically generated file and matches up everything it can and presents the requests with their matching transactions for Mary to review. The requests that don't match are presented to Mary so she can pick the intended transaction. Once all the requests are matched Mary reviews them before they are automatically entered into the department database.

This solution cost around $10,000. It freed up 3.5 hours of Mary's working day and greatly improved her job satisfaction. It effectively saves the bank $17,500 every year and frees up Mary to perform more creative tasks.


Improving reliability and reducing costs

Through my pragmatic understanding of software-based testing, I can guide your business in establishing a future-proof testing strategy that does not depend on $10,000 per-machine licensing.

If you're just considering using automated testing, I can help you establish an inexpensive, future-proof framework that consolodates both UI and code testing strategies.

If you've already got millions of lines of existing tests, I can help you reduce the turnover of these tests from weeks to hours, using existing hardware. I can also migrate test scripts to .NET to eliminate the $10,000-per-machine licensing and risk of abandonment from UI test tools such as Rational Robot and Test Partner.


Enlarging the market of your product

I have extensive experience in retrofitting internationalization into software projects and can guide you in establishing an elegant and pragmatic solution for internationalizing your product so that it can be sold in Europe, Asia or the middle east.