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Christmas for dummies

Hi guys, Happy Christmas! I’d like to tell you what Christmas is really about while sharing some famous traditional Christmas carols that you can sing along to.  These tell the story of Jesus’ birth.

Being the son of Salvation Army pastors, I’ve grown up with Christmas carolling with the brass band. Around 2003, I wrote and recorded arrangements of popular traditional Christmas carols. In 2008, I published these on YouTube. Over the past five years, I’ve been hosting “Christmas for dummies”, particularly for Israeli guests who’ve remarked they’ve never seen a Christmas tree in a home before – only in the movies. We’ve enjoyed some good food, then sang along to these songs, and explained what they’re all about as well as other aspects of this Christian celebration.

I invite you to join me in singing these remastered carols and hearing the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth and what this means.

I pray God would richly bless you as you consider his greatest gift to the world.



- Brent