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Introduction to Christianity with Luke

I’ve written this book as a guide to introduce Christianity by reading through Luke’s story of Jesus’ life.  I recommend getting a bunch of people together for dinner and taking turns reading a bit and talking about things as they come up.  This book provides details to help newbies to understand the story.  It’s useful to have different versions of the Bible and talk about differences that pop up.  This provides different perspectives and understandings of the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

Before studying Luke, I recommend reading The Story of the Bible, or at least watching it: (50 minutes) (8 minutes)

How to use this book

It’s intended that you read the Bible passage referenced, then stop to talk about what you’ve read, including the thoughts I’ve written in this book. You can stop more often than that, as it’s great to talk about things as they come up.

I intend to create a series of YouTube videos for each chapter, which I’ll add as these are completed.