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The Story of the Bible

Daniel: 500BC

Daniel rose to a high position in Babylon, becoming the head of the wise advisors because of his wisdom and ability to interpret dreams. When Nebuchadnezzar's grandson was throwing a feast using the cups from Solomon's temple, a hand appeared, writing something on the wall. Daniel was called to interpret this, and foretold Babylon's fall the next day to King Darius of the Persians. Daniel 5

Daniel became a top advisor under Darius, prompting a jealous plot from his peers. They could find no fault in him, but seeing his commitment to his god, proposed a decree that anyone found requesting anything from any person or god except the King would be executed by lions. This appeased the King's ego, but Daniel continued as usual, resulting in him being thrown in a lion's den. The next morning, the distraught king called out to Daniel, and was overjoyed to find he had not been harmed. He was released and those plotting against him were cast into the lions' den with their families. They were torn apart before they reached the ground. Daniel 6

Daniel wrote down many visions of future kingdoms, including how the final, most evil, kingdom be defeated by the Saviour promised to Abraham. Daniel 9