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The Story of the Bible
Satan's Kingdom


As well as the prophecies of a coming Saviour, there are also prophecies of a great deceiver who will rule the Earth. The prophet Daniel, who lived around 600BC, wrote down quite a lot about this coming kingdom, Daniel 9 Jesus spoke about it Matthew 24 and in particular, the disciple, John wrote down what had been revealed to him in a vision around 90AD. Revelation

These prophecies talk about the earth being ruled by 10 kings, reporting to an emperor who will make a treaty with Israel for seven years. This will allow them to rebuild their temple at the site where there is currently the Muslim Dome of the Rock. This emperor will appear to be a champion of peace, bringing all nations together. However, this emperor will be guided by Satan. He will establish a single religion for the whole world and will deceive many and will generally lead the world into moral decay and Christians will be persecuted everywhere. During this time, God will raise up 144 000 evangelists from Israel Revelation 7 who will teach people to follow the way of Jesus Christ rather than the morally corrupt emperor, who the Bible calls the Beast. Due to the global moral decay and human's ceding control of the world to Satan, the Earth will be afflicted by 3 sets of seven global catastrophes like those that befell Egypt before Moses led the Israelites to freedom. They will grow increasingly worse, including a global earthquake decimating a quarter of the world's population and plagues decimating another quarter. There will also be plagues of stinging locusts, boils, darkness and much more.

After three and a half years of the treaty with Israel, the emperor will be assassinated, but three days later will be restored to life - indwelled by Satan. The whole world will believe he is God and he will become the object of worship for the global religion. His right-hand-man, who in the Bible is called the false prophet, will make all living on the Earth to worship him or face death. To prove people's loyalty to their new God, they will have to receive a mark in their foreheads or their right hands, which will be used for all financial transactions - without this mark people will not be able to buy or sell anything. Refusal of the mark will be punishable by decapitation. However, those receiving this mark will be sealing their eternal fate - by receiving this mark, people will irrevocably be selling their souls to Satan. At this time, the emperor will break his treaty with Israel. Revelation 13

Sometime around these seven years, all children and all those who have accepted Jesus Christ's death as the ransom for their sin and have changed their life to live in relationship with God will miraculously vanish from the Earth. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Both those who have already died as well as those living will be given a new immortal body and be taken to be with Jesus. The Bible describes that this will happen at a time when no-one suspects. All over the world, where two people are together, one of them may be taken, the other left behind. Matthew 24:36-44 There is much debate whether this rapture will occur before these seven years, in the middle or near the end.

At the end of the seven years, the armies of the world will surround Israel, intending its obliteration. Then Jesus Christ will return in the sky, with an army of immortalized, raptured Christians. He will defeat the armies of the world and will imprison the Beast and the false prophet. Revelation 19:11-21