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The Story of the Bible
Kings and Prophets

Kings & Prophets: 900-500BC

After Solomon, Rehoboam his son followed in his father's place. However, he vowed to have a heavier hand than his father, resulting in ten tribes leaving him and electing their own king, becoming known as the kingdom of Israel, with Rehoboam ruling over the kingdom of Judah in the south. 1 Kings 12 The priests left the northern kingdom after official worship places were established for foreign Gods. Over time both kingdoms became more and more evil. As they grew more distant from God, they faced defeat in battle. As kings passed, God raised up prophets to warn the people to return to God or face his judgement. The prophets were beaten, ridiculed and killed.

Among these was Elijah, who faced off 450 priests of Baal, challenging them to get their god to supernaturally ignite a sacrifice, and after them he would do the same. The god who lit the sacrifice would be declared the one true God and the followers of the other killed. Elijah even drenched his sacrifice in water to prove his God was supreme. Elijah won. 1 Kings 18

Elisha came after Elijah. He had twice his former master's power and performed twice the miracles. 2 Kings 4

There was also Isaiah, who prophesied much about the coming saviour, giving as much detail about his birth and death as any of the eyewitness accounts hundreds of years later. Isaiah 7

Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet - the doom and gloom expert, who saw his prophecies of defeat from the Babylonians and his nation's exile fulfilled. Jeremiah 25