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The Story of the Bible
New Heaven and Earth

After Satan's final defeat will be the end of time. It is time that binds the very elements of the known universe. Without it, electrons cannot orbit the nucleus of atoms. The current universe will be destroyed - by fire. Then a new Heaven and a new Earth will be created. It will be amazing - perfect - borne out of incorruption. The Bible describes God's capital city - a new Jerusalem, measuring over two thousand kilometres - in width, length and height - far greater than anything necessary to accommodate every person who ever lived in their own personal mansion. There will be no sun to light the city as the brightness of Jesus Christ will illuminate every corner of the city. The streets will look like they are made of translucent gold and the twelve gates carved from giant pearls. We hear occasionally from some people who have had near death experiences how they experienced the forecourts of heaven. They describe how they were enveloped with gentle waves of light, love, peace, joy, forgiveness, acceptance etc. These stories compliment descriptions of heaven found in the Bible - where there shall be no more pain, no more sorrow - where we shall enjoy God's pure presence for every moment of eternity. Revelation 21