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The Story of the Bible
Jesus' Mission


After Jesus had ministered for three years, teaching his 12 disciples and other followers, the religious leaders plotted to have him killed. The prophets foretold how one of his closest followers would betray him for 30 pieces of silver. He would be handed over to foreigners to be killed, being nailed to a tree. Isaiah foretold how he would be so badly bashed about that he would hardly be recognizable as human. Isaiah 52:14 Jesus was the fulfilment of the Jewish Passover. He was the true lamb - only the death of a perfect human could take away all sin for all time.

Before his betrayal, during the last meal, which Jesus had with his disciples to commemorate the Passover, Jesus took the bread, and broke it, saying "This is my body, broken for you" and gave this to his disciples to eat. Then he took the wine and said, "This is my blood shed for you, drink it". This was all rather weird. First, he appeared to be encouraging cannibalism and then the drinking of blood, which is prohibited throughout the bible. We can understand how the bread is a parallel with the partaking of the Passover lamb, which was killed and broken for the forgiveness of sin. When the disciples drank the wine posing as Jesus blood, this was symbolic of taking in Jesus spirit to become a part of themselves. Jesus told the disciples to repeat this ritual in remembrance of him. We are to never drink the blood of any creature and thus absorb its spirit and power, only that of Christ the ultimate sacrificial lamb. Luke 22:19-20

In prophecies throughout the Jewish bible and texts, there are more details of Jesus' betrayal, death and resurrection, than those given by the eyewitness accounts. These clearly bind the Jewish bible with the Christian belief that Jesus is the fulfilment of these prophecies. Today, there are various false religions and sects apparently derived from the Jewish and Christian faiths. However, these do not have the same hundreds of links of prophecies fulfilled to prove their legitimacy.

In fulfilment of the earliest prophecy of the Saviour's death, when God put enmity between the snake and humans after the snake had deceived Adam and Eve, Jesus foot was pierced but Jesus' death crushed the authority given to Satan by Adam's disobedience to God. Jesus restored the ability for humans to have a personal relationship with God, for which we were created. It is written that Jesus took the keys to death itself, releasing those imprisoned by death to be able to enter Heaven. On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to the disciples with a new body - an immortal body that could not get sick, hurt or die. Jesus has promised that all who receive him will one day rise from the dead in their own immortal body, which makes our current bodies seem like a flimsy tent in comparison to a mansion.

After Jesus had shown himself to hundreds of people over the next 40 days, he ascended to heaven, promising that through this he would be able to send his Spirit, who could live in the heart of every person on Earth who received him. Jesus' Spirit would empower his people to tell everyone from neighbours to the furthest ends of the Earth about God's plan to reconcile people to him. Jesus said that his followers would perform all kinds of miracles through him - just as he had done, while he was living on Earth. Acts 1