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The Story of the Bible
King Saul

King Saul: 1100BC

Israel had had enough of not being united and complained to God that they wanted to have a King like the other lands around them. God did not want them to have a King because he knew how a King would ultimately lead them into corrupt ways - God's people should look to God as their leader - not some person. 1 Samuel 8

One day, a man named Saul was looking for his father's lost donkey. He decided to ask the seer where he might find it. He was told that the donkey had already been found and now Saul's father was looking for him. Samuel invited him to stay the night and after dinner, he poured oil over Saul to anoint him as the future king of Israel. 1 Samuel 9

Sometime later at Saul's inauguration, he hid behind some baggage, but when he was found and presented to his people, they were delighted to have him as their king. He stood a head taller than most people - an imposing figurehead for a country and its army. 1 Samuel 10

However, Saul did not follow God perfectly, withholding some of the spoils of war that were to be dedicated to God. 1 Samuel 15 From that moment, God's spirit left him, and he was often tormented by his own thoughts. He was advised to employ a musician, so that when he was overcome with depression, that musician could play to restore his disposition. There was no one better qualified than David - a shepherd boy - the youngest in his family, despised by his half-brothers. 1 Samuel 16