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The Story of the Bible
King David

King David: 1000BC

A time came when the Israelite army faced the neighbouring Philistines, who had tormented them for centuries. Every day a philistine giant - their champion warrior, named Goliath challenged the army of Israel and their God, daring someone to face him in combat. The whole army trembled at the sight of him and so he continued this ritual every day. One day David was visiting his brothers, bringing them food, when he heard this imbecile insulting his beloved God. He was enraged and wanted to kill this heathen immediately. He was taken to the king, who allowed this little boy to give up his life for his nation, recommending that he wear the king's own armour. However, young David could hardly stand up and chose to face this foe like any other predator that would dare attack his sheep - with his shepherd staff and a sling. He proceeded to meet his foe, who ridiculed the Israeli army for sending a boy against him with a stick and stones. David ran toward Goliath, shooting off a single stone from his sling, which hit the giant between the eyes, rendering him unconscious. He then cut off Goliath's head with his own sword. 1 Samuel 17 This signalled a turning point between the Israelites and the Philistines who had until then always had the upper hand. The women sang David's praises: "Saul has killed his thousands and David his tens of thousands". This made Saul jealous and he made several attempts to kill David over the remainder of his life.

When Saul was killed in battle, David became King of Israel. 1 Samuel 31 He led the nation into victory and established peace with all neighbouring lands. David desired to build a permanent Temple where God could be worshipped. However, he had killed too many people for God to allow this. This honour would become his son's. God also promised that the coming Saviour would descend from David. 2 Samuel 7