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The Story of the Bible
Satan's Destruction


At the end of the thousand years, Jesus will set Satan free for a short time - so that those living during this time may be tested in the same way as us - in a world with the temptation to choose against a relationship with God. During this time, Satan will gather together an army to stand against God in a final act of desperation. Those who stand against Jesus Christ and his authority will be destroyed, including Satan. He and all who follow him will be cast into Hell - a place of punishment prepared at the beginning of time when Satan first rebelled against God. Revelation 20 It is described as a lake of fire, torturing its inhabitants for eternity. It was never intended for humans - being designed to punish Satan and those angels who decided to follow him. However, it is the only place outside Heaven, where those who rebel against God cannot reside. Essentially Hell is the realisation of a choice to be separated from God. Here on Earth, although this is not heaven, we experience love, hope, peace and many other attributes of God, because God is present wherever we are. When the time comes where we are judged according to whether we have accepted Jesus as the one who has paid the price for our sin, we will face the reality of that decision - an eternity with or without God - an eternity with or without love, hope, peace, light etc.