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Why I believe the Bible is true
Ancient Post-Flood History

After drafting this book, I read Dr Ken Johnson’s book, Ancient Post-Flood History, which is available on Amazon.  This collates ancient historical records from around the world collaborating the Jewish account found in the Bible.  I was surprised to learn that the gods of Greek mythology were men of renown related to Abraham’s descendants through intermarriage with the ancient Greeks, particularly through his second wife, Keturah. 

Ken correlates ancient Egyptian pharaohs with Abraham, Jacob and Moses.  I strongly recommend reading his book over my very crude understanding.

I also recommend his YouTube videos based off this book



Administrator Brent Clark 9 Aug 21 01:43 AM
The YouTube links are no longer available. They seem to be available as audio under or go to and click on Creation History near the bottom-left under BibleFacts Audit Playlists