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Why I believe the Bible is true

The Bible is the true word of God – declaring his nature and ours.  I believe it is the only source of history recorded and passed down in writing since Adam and Eve and reveals the future and purpose of humanity.  I am indebted to the Jews for faithfully carrying written history from Adam to when the church stewarded the account of Jesus’ life and the establishment of the church.

Open BiblePlease allow me to present why I believe the Bible is true and how I reconcile history with the Bible, rather than compromising the Bible to fit history.  I will show we need not compromise the integrity of the Bible for human wisdom, particularly evolutionism, which is merely well-collaborated conjecture devoid of scientific evidence.

According to the Bible, Satan seeks to degrade and corrupt this truth through whatever means possible.  Sadly, many of our most respected academics unwittingly collaborate Satan’s conspiracy against the truth of God’s word.  They each compromise contradictions to their own particular expertise to communal peer pressure.  Those who contradict the well-established collaboration I call evolutionism are ostracised from the community of popular academia that claim impartiality.

Unfortunately, theological institutes, including many Bible colleges, have succumbed to this conspiracy, sacrificing theological truth for human philosophies.  This results in superficial preaching that avoids disputed truths of the gospel.  They thereby secede the true power of God’s restoration.  If we can’t trust one part of the Bible, how do we know what to trust?  This vast collaboration of our wisest and most knowledgeable scholars presents a story that contradicts the Bible.  Most take this to disprove the Bible, but the evidence presented does not.  This provides one more tool of the devil to draw people away from God to their destruction.

Very crudely, the evidence for evolutionism is countless fossils found all around the world; of animals buried by catastrophic flood and continental-scale geological features like those formed on beaches by the receding tide.  The philosophy of evolutionism is reminiscent of ancient Hinduism and some schools of Greek philosophy.  Scientific modelling of evolution extrapolates observational science 100,000 times.  We are taught in high school statistics that such extrapolation is ridiculously irresponsible and dishonest.

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