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Why I believe the Bible is true

Ancient Egyptian records sacrifice accuracy for political/religious advantage, often omitting controversial rulers.  Pharaohs preferred to document their deity while disproving that of their rivals and predecessors.  Some attempted chronologies place simultaneous rulers of the north and south sequentially, thus stretching the timeline to something which conveniently contradicts the Bible and therefore is the one desired to be true.

Pyramids presents the problematic of Egyptian history for creationists.Secular Egyptologists agree the accepted chronology is desperately in need of revision. wiki/ Egyptian_chronology starts by saying that there is general agreement on the overview, but disagreement on the details.Some theories diverge up to 500 years even for the later New Kingdom.This implies that the old kingdom could diverge from reality by two thousand years.

Many attempts have been made to collaborate Biblical presence in ancient Egypt.  They typically fail to find Biblical artefacts because they’re looking in the wrong time.  Most are as dubious as my own understanding collected from these.


Abraham migrated from Ur in ancient Babylon via Syria to Canaan.  A drought brought him to Egypt where he interacted with their King.

I’ve heard this was a time of significant similar migration.  I believe claims that these migrants brought a scientific, particularly mathematical enlightenment to Egypt, resulting in the great pyramids built during the old kingdom.  Ken Johnson notes Josephus’s remarks that “astronomy was unknown in Egypt until Abraham brought it there from Chaldea”


According to the Answers in Genesis article above, Joseph was around the start of the middle kingdom of Egypt.  There are other theories that link ancient Egyptian history with the Bible such as Ken Johnson’s Ancient Post - Flood History

“We can conclude that Joseph, also known as Imhotep, rose to power in the Hebrew year 2228 AM. The seven-year famine lasted from 2235 to 2241 AM and that these were the eighteenth though the twenty-fourth years of the reign of Pharaoh Djoser of the Third Dynasty of Egypt’s Old Kingdom!”

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