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What does the Bible say about the future?
Introduction to the Tribulation

The Tribulation is prophesied as seven-years of God’s judgement of the Earth.  Many have analyzed biblical texts to understand the details of how this will play out.  I’ll only provide an overview of the Tribulation and leave the details to more astute scholars.

Matthew 24:21 These will be terrible times – the worst the world has ever seen or ever will see.

Many have researched and written on this topic, including novels such as Tim Lahaye’s Left Behind series.  I feel that most underestimate the impact of God’s catastrophic judgements.  Many project a gradual worsening of the world from a contemporary perspective.  Although they embrace supernatural aspects such as the Rapture and God’s judgements, they tend to interpret these from a natural perspective and miss the rampant implications of an unleashed spiritual realm.  Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonian church addressed rumors that Paul had written to them, that they were already in the Tribulation.  Some estimate 75% of the world dying during this time.  I expect over 90% of the world will perish before Jesus’ return to slaughter all who swore allegiance to the Antichrist.  After Jesus wipes them out, perhaps only millions will remain to repopulate the world during his millennial reign.

Daniel 9:27 He [the coming ruler] will confirm the treaty with many for one week.  In the middle of that week, he’ll stop the sacrifices and offerings.  He’ll lay out disgusting things to desecrate it, until his evil is complete, and his fate will be poured out on him.

Revelation 4-19 collects various visions revealed to Jesus as recorded by his disciple John.

There’s many whose teachings are deceptive – even well-studied and godly people don’t get it all right.  Certainly, don’t trust anyone who doesn’t affirm the truth of the Bible, including creation in six days six thousand years ago, the global flood and Exodus from Egypt as true historical events.  If they don’t accept the historical truth of the Bible, how can they have any hope of interpreting future prophecy?