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What does the Bible say about the future?
Overview of the Tribulation

The Tribulation begins with an emperor confirming a world peace treaty with Israel for seven years.  Halfway through this, Satan will embody this emperor.  He’ll enter the Jewish temple and declare himself to be God, to have offensive sacrifices made to himself there, and commit holocaust on the Jews.  He’ll demand everyone swears allegiance to him, to worship him and take his mark of allegiance.  Consider how Islamic militants such as ISIS wear an armband or headband as a mark of allegiance.

During these seven years, increasingly severe catastrophes will affect the whole Earth.

Seven seal judgements
Revelation 6
  1. Conquest by “world peace”
  2. Global conflict
  3. Global famine
  4. Death by starvation, nature, and violence kills quarter of the world
  5. Persecution of believers
  6. Global earthquake darkens the sky
  7. Leads into the seven trumpets
Seven trumpets
Revelation 8-9,11
  1. Plague of hail, fire and blood burns up a third of vegetation
  2. A third of the oceans turns to blood and dies
  3. A third of the waterways turns to blood, and many die from the pollution
  4. Sun & moon darkened by a third
  5. “Locusts” torture the ungodly, but they can’t die
  6. Spirit army kills a third of the world
  7. Jesus’ Kingdom comes, great earthquake
Revelation 12
  • Antichrist becomes the world emperor
  • People swear allegiance to him and worship him by receiving his mark in their right hands/arms or foreheads.
  • Those who don’t, can neither buy nor sell.
Seven bowls of wrath
Revelation 16
  1. Boils on the Antichrist’s allies
  2. All oceans turn to blood and die
  3. All waterways turn to blood
  4. Sun burns everything
  5. Darkness
  6. Euphrates dries up, armies gather at Armageddon
  7. Great earthquake reshapes the entire Earth and 50kg hail

These judgements are reminiscent of the plagues of Egypt before the Exodus.

Then Jesus will come with the saints to the slaughter of Armageddon and set up his kingdom to restore the Earth to a near-Eden state and reign over the Earth for 1000 years, like the sabbath day ending the week.  At the end of this there’ll be a rebellion, which will be slaughtered.  Then this space-time will be destroyed to be replaced with an eternally perfect one.