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What does the Bible say about the future?
The characters of the Tribulation

To understand the Tribulation, we must understand the characters involved, particularly in Revelation 13.

The Beast



The Beast is the spirit behind both an empire of ten nations and the ruler of that empire.

The Dragon



The Dragon is Satan

The False Prophet



The False Prophet is the Beast’s speaker who “convinces” the world of his deity.

The AI (Max Headroom)



He leads the world
to create an AI

The Mark (666 tattooed forehead)



that will enforce worship of the Beast by forcing everyone to bear the Mark of allegiance.


The Great Prostitute


The Great Prostitute of Revelation 17 rides the Beast but is its rival.  She is the city on seven hills, which has dominated the nations and world economies, and has persecuted the saints throughout the ages.