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What does the Bible say about the future?
Why did God destroy the world with Noah’s flood?

Genesis 6:1 When people began to reproduce and spread out across the Earth, and they had daughters, 2the angels noticed how beautiful the women were, and snatched wives for themselves of all whom they fancied.  3The Lord said, “My spirit won’t always put up with people, because they’re corrupt.  So, I’ll allow them another 120 years.”  4There were giants in the Earth in those days, and also later.  When angels had sex with women, they gave birth to their children, who became the famous heroes of ancient legends.  5God saw that people’s wickedness overwhelmed the Earth, and that everything they thought, and their deepest imaginations, were entirely and continuously evil.  6The Lord regretted that he’d made people on the Earth, and he was heartbroken.  7The Lord said, “I’ll destroy the people I’ve created from the face of the Earth; people, animals, bugs and the birds of the air; since I regret that I’ve made them.”  8But the Lord was delighted with Noah.

Noah's Ark 9This is the story of Noah.  Noah was a godly man and genetically perfect, and Noah walked with God.  10Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.  11The Earth was corrupt in God’s eyes, and the Earth was filled with violence.  12God looked at the Earth and saw that it was corrupt; for all life on the Earth had become corrupt.  13God said to Noah, “I’m going to destroy all life on the Earth because it is filled with their violence.  Look!  I’ll wipe them out with the Earth.”

Verse 4 seems really weird, but so is the virgin birth and people rising from the dead.  We serve a supernatural God.  Those who reject the historicity of the Bible have particular problems with this narrative and twist it in all kinds of ways to avoid the plain meaning, which contradicts evolutionism.  But the evidence abounds of creatures great and small preserved by the catastrophic flood that killed them all around the world.

The Book of Enoch describes how 200 angels were appointed to nurture mankind, to teach them how to survive and build civilization.  However, they became filled with lust for human women and made a pact to indulge themselves with women.  As punishment, they were to witness their offspring destroy each other in a civil war before they would be bound up until their eternal punishment.  They were called Nephilim in Hebrew, which means fallen ones.  Most Bibles translate this word as giants.  The offspring of Nephilim are called Rephaim.

Jude and Peter refer to these angels who corrupted the people leading to Noah’s flood.

Jude 1:6 The angels who abandoned their assigned post, and left their own quarters, he’s kept in everlasting chains under darkness until the judgment of the great day.

2 Peter 2:4 If God didn’t spare the angels that sinned, but threw them into Hell, and imprisoned them in chains of darkness to be kept for judgement.

It seems that all life was so genetically corrupt that God had to step in before there was no hope for life on Earth.

This should serve as a warning to our foray into genetic engineering – that there’s limits that must not be crossed.  While such technology within appropriate bounds is hugely beneficial, mixing DNA from one kind of creature into another has dangerous unforeseeable consequences.

Contrary to this warning, we’re again embracing such things.  There’s great profit to be made from such technologies, which various companies are scrambling to monopolize before their competitors.  Spider DNA is inserted into goats to produce an animal which excretes super-strong thread.  Of course, military application in breeding super-soldiers is very alluring, particularly to nations with more liberal moral constraints.  What if we could breed 10-meter giants to fight our battles?

I foresee that as the bad gets badder, unholy genetic manipulation will corrupt all life over the next few generations.  This will contribute to increasing violence throughout the world.  The Mark of the Beast could incorporate genetic reprogramming, rendering those taking the Mark incapable of turning back to God.  By the end of the Tribulation, God will have to destroy all genetically corrupt life.  But Jesus will restore those who kept themselves pure, to live with him through his millennial reign over a restored creation.