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What does the Bible say about the future?
What’s the point of the Tribulation?

All of this demonstrates God’s almighty sovereignty.  Although God is merciful, he is also just.  As a compassionate father, he restores his broken children, but he delivers vengeance on those who seek to destroy them.  He’s patient, desiring that all would turn from their ungodly ways.  He provided of himself a sacrifice to restore all to him, to give us all a chance to receive his solution to our imperfection.  God will punish all the wicked, but first he’s giving you and me a chance to turn from our wickedness.  This amnesty for us to turn in our sinful ways will eventually come to an end, and those who refused will be judged according to the law.  Even as he judges the wicked world, he provides every opportunity for people to turn from their rejection of him.  Despite this indisputable proof of God, the world will aggressively reject him and conspire to destroy God and those who follow him.  God’s judgement on the world will be logically and perfectly justified.

Many believe that the Tribulation starts with the Rapture of the Church.  After this, God’s focus will return to Israel, raising up 144,000 evangelists to restore them to him.

Matthew 23:39 I [Jesus] tell you, you won’t see me again until you say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

As during ancient Israel, many non-Jews will also become believers through the Jews.

Ultimately the Tribulation is a particular chapter in His-story, demonstrating God’s perfect grace, mercy, and justice.  This demonstrates God’s quest to save as many people as possible, while delivering justice against those who’d destroy God’s children.  After this, all nature will be relieved of the burden of humanity’s sinfulness and corrupt governance.

In every chapter of His-story, God shows us that despite the conditions, people reject Him, and people turn to Him.  Whether times are prosperous or catastrophic, whether He’s hidden or undeniably involved, whether we have no knowledge of Him or perfect knowledge.  On judgement day, no one will be able to claim God is unfair, that if they lived in different times or circumstances, they would have chosen differently.  His-story proves that no matter the circumstances, we all have the same opportunity to seek God, to accept his redemption from our sin or rely on our own non-existent perfection.