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What does the Bible say about the future?
Recommended end-times teachers

We live in a world that rejects the supernatural and shuns ancient history which records such events. Evolutionism sets a mindset of gradual change and an arrogant superiority complex over our ancestors’ intellectual and technical abilities. This mindset taints the Church, and thereby influences interpretation of future events. Most interpret the Tribulation as a progression of current geopolitics. I expect a chain of cataclysmic events even prior to the Tribulation that render any such interpretations useless.

In my wanderings, I have found that these guys provide valuable teachings on end times, based on a solid biblical foundation. They each provide a different angle with valuable insight.

Ken Johnson


Dr Ken Johnson is an amazing ancient historian and scholar of prophecy. He creates YouTube teachings twice a week.

Perry Stone


Perry Stone is a prophetic evangelist who beautifully balances spiritual and academic revelation. He runs an international online bible school.

Chuck Missler


Chuck Missler was CEO of many US military companies with particular insights into military intelligence. He gets quite technical, exploring quantum physics and ancient weirdnesses.

Arnold Fruchtenbaum


Arnold Fruchtenbaum is a Jewish believer in Christ, who’s a renowned professor of end times. He runs a Messianic school online.

David Jeremiah


David Jeremiah is a respected all-round bible teacher, with some great fundamental end times teachings.


I value how these guys fold the gospel into their messages and encourage unity in the body of Christ.

This book examines teachings such as theirs to develop my own ideas. My understanding has evolved over a lifetime of a fascination in this topic.  My primary source of revelation is God placing a burdening question on my heart; and causing me to stumble across answers.  God has given me a passion to filter through messy sources in correlation with a deep understanding of the Bible, which I’ve read dozens of times.  This quest has led me to these guys and their sources.