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What does the Bible say about the future?

This book’s evolved over years of research, analyzing my favorite commentators, and scriptures they reference. I’ve produced timelines from my understanding, proposing a potential future scenario of Christ’s return around 2075 that contrasts with popular teachings to provoke a fresh perspective. What’s really important is to study scriptures for yourself, which I’ve included extensively, in my own words. The following is an outline of this book.

What’s the Bible say about the future?

God’s answer is, “Watch out that no one deceives you.”

You can’t understand end times, without first understanding beginning times. 6,000 years have passed since creation, and 1,000 are yet to come. This is like the 6 days of creation, followed by the day of rest. For the first 2,000 years, God spoke through the patriarchs. At the end of this age, was the rebellion at Babel. But God connected with Abraham. For 2,000 years God spoke through the Jews. At the end of this age, was the rebellion of a religious civil war. Jesus came to die for all who would believe. God destroyed the temple and exiled the Jews. God raised up the church which has spread around the world. Now God’s restoring Israel. But another rebellion will cause many to hate and fight each other. And the Antichrist will lead a war against Jesus’ return. Jesus will crush this rebellion and reshape the Earth, to restore it and rule in peace for 1,000 years. In the end, Satan will lead a final rebellion, which Jesus will crush; then recreate a perfect universe.

We soon expect a huge alliance to invade and annex Israel, but this will be destroyed supernaturally. Israel’s recent rebirth was foretold in Ezekiel 36 and 37. This battle of Gog of Magog is Ezekiel 38-39. Then from Ezekiel 40, Jesus’ millennial temple is described.

Jesus warns us that there’ll be many false prophets. But there’ll still be a few real ones. These false prophets will lead many away from godliness.

Jesus will rapture believers to be with him. Some expect this before the apocalypse, others before its climax. Not all Christians will be worthy of this. But God consistently provides another chance.

Ezekiel’s war, and the Rapture, will catastrophically shift geopolitics, to make the Mediterranean dominate world power.

This empire will bring the Antichrist to power under Satan’s authority. He’ll enforce a world peace treaty with Israel for seven years. After 3.5 years, his spokesman will make the world create an animated image, which will enforce everyone to worship the Beast, by taking his Mark of allegiance, or be cut off from society. Another rival religious entity will ride the Beast to power. A timeline of the Apocalypse can be pieced together from various scriptures. Less than half the world will survive the first half. Then things will get really bad.

The Antichrist will lead the world’s armies to battle Jesus’ return, but will be slaughtered at Armageddon. 50kg hailstones will rain on the Earth and the greatest earthquake will reshape the world, possibly into one super continent.

Jesus will restore all creation and rebuild the world; to rule for a thousand years of peace. The new temple will be big enough to represent each family at a yearly feast.

At the end of this, after the second slaughter of Armageddon, Jesus will recreate the universe for eternal perfection. The huge new Jerusalem would reach way beyond the orbit of satellites.

Jesus has everything under control.

So that’s what I think the Bible says about the future.